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Hi! Thanks checking out #nomegluten! I wanted to go over a couple things you should and shouldn't expect to see here on my blog!

First off, some things you should definitely not expect to see here are meat or other animal products. My main dietary focus is living a gluten-free, plant based life. I hope this platform will serve as a resource for those who follow all sorts of diets and are interested in learning more about being gluten free, plant based products, recipes and meals!

I also recognize that being "healthy" is a blanket statement and can mean many different things depending on who you are, your background, your preferences and genetic makeup. That's why you'll always find quotation marks whenever I use that word. There is no "one size fits all" in health and fitness, so although something might work wonders for me, it might not be what YOU need or are looking for and that doesn't mean either way is wrong!

In my opinion, "health and fitness" consists of 3 major components: physical fitness, diet and mental health. As a certified barre instructor and Fitness Nutrition Specialist, this is where I will share what I'm loving and what has been helpful to me regarding all three.

I am not a know-it-all or medical professional and I am not using this platform to prescribe anything. If you have concerns regarding the status of your health and are having a difficult time finding relief, I highly recommend seeking the expertise of a healthcare professional.

I am also always open to sharing ideas and recommendations! This isn't a one way street, I'd really love to hear from YOU! What's working for you? What are you loving these days? Exchanging ideas and engaging in conversation initiates a platform to learn and grow in a mutually beneficial way!

Cheers, friends! I'm looking forward to our time together!

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All content and images have been created by me unless otherwise noted and are based on my own personal experience and research. 

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NoMeGluten may recommend certain products, recipes or dining establishments, but you should check the nutritional information, menu or consult with your doctor before you consume ANY product or meal.