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After several weeks of nonstop working and goal-crushing, I found myself in the market for some "me time". I came across Ingite Bikram Yoga through the MindBody app (the BEST!) and had a feeling it would be just what I needed!

STAFF: 8.5

Walk through the doors at Ignite and you're met with a warm greeting by the front desk. Next up, I had the pleasure of meeting Studio Director, Jennifer, and Instructor, Melanie who made sure I was all set up and even gave me the studio grand tour before class began.

If you're as lucky as I was you might even get to meet Sunny Ray, Jen's puppy who stands guard as the studio's mascot!


The studio is cozy, but the large front windows allow the natural light to pour in and create a much more open feeling. The space smelled clean and everything was organized nicely. Hooks are provided in the front lobby for your things and changing rooms are located in the back of the studio.


I came to Ignite looking for a challenge. I wanted a blend of stretching, strength and balance and I got just that! Even though I used to practice bikram yoga regularly, this was my first class since moving back from Minneapolis over a year ago (crazy how time flies!). As a new student, Jennifer made sure I was properly aligned while offering helpful cues and prompts throughout the class. We finished the class resting in final savasana as she passed out cool, scented wash cloths, which felt like HEAVEN after a rewarding and SWEATY 60 minute session.

After yoga I got to talking with Jennifer and Melanie, who encouraged me to stay for their Core HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class. 60 minutes of HIIT in a room heated to approximately 95 degrees? Bring it on! If HIIT and Pilates had a baby, it would be this class. Without being too tough on your joints, you're encouraged to complete your reps of low-impact movements to the beat of the music. Don't let that fool you though, you will seriously feel the burn within the first few minutes of class!

MUSIC: 7.6

The yoga class was set to quiet, soothing music while their Core HIIT class was set to a variety of pop songs with countdown intervals pre-loaded into the songs themselves. The music was great and I honestly wish there was more of it! The volume lowered during the explanation of the movements and cranked back up to push you through your sets.


The studio is intimate and cozy, but the energy is bold! I'll definitely be back.

BUDGET: $$ (out of 5)

New Student Special 10 days for $20! They offer great membership packages with no contracts or fees.

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