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As a fitness enthusiast and barre instructor, working out is a big part of my life. Here’s a peak inside my gym bag!

I'll break it down by category:


✓ Hair ties and bobby pins - If I don’t already have a dozen hair ties around my wrists, I always make sure to keep a few in my bag. I’m grateful for my long locks, but I can’t stand my pony tail slapping me in the face or sticking to my sweat during a work out. Distractions like these pull me out of my “workout” mode where I go to let go of my stress from the day. I use this time to lose myself and I can’t do that as well with these kinds of distractions. Hair ties are my first line of defense, for yoga I call in reinforcements with those bobby pins.

✓ Hair brush - I have naturally curly hair, so I only really brush it on days where I’ve straightened it- fellow curl girls, who’s with me on this?!

✓ Dry shampoo - What I did before dry shampoo, I don’t even know. Batiste is a lifesaver!


✓ Face wipes - I love to clean my face before and after a good workout! Cleansing your face pre and post workout removes makeup, sweat and other impurities from clogging your pores. It also makes me feel refreshed and ready to either tackle my workout or the rest of my day afterwards. Pro tip: facial wipes can double as a quick body rinse if you’re in a rush and need to freshen up post-workout! Yes to Cucumbers soothing facial wipes are a favorite of mine.

✓ Moisturizer - Moisturizing my face after a post-workout facial wipe is a MUST. Your pores are already open from sweating and ready to absorb. Fresh Vitamin Nectar Moisture Glow Face Cream is my all-time favorite.

✓ Deodorant - I feel like this is obvious. PSA: There are some incredible health benefits to using aluminum and paraben free deodorants! Native, Tom’s and Schmidt’s are all brands I’ve tried and really liked!

✓ Tooth brush and toothpaste - Am I the only one who can't stand to work out with stale breath?

✓ Razor - just being real, I have dark hair.

✓ Chapstick


✓ Sneakers

✓ Change of clothes - A clean pair of socks and underwear are my must-haves. I specifically keep a clean pair of sticky barre socks in my bag just in case.


✓ Water bottle - I honestly don’t go anywhere without my water bottle!

✓ Granola bars - Because when hanger strikes, you have to be prepared.

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