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I’m Annie, also known as No Me Gluten. I’m a gluten-free foodie and fitness enthusiast, with a passion for barre and all things veggie. 

As a New York native raised apple-picking in New England, I’ve always had an appreciation for the local farm stands and organic produce that was readily available to me living in this area of the country. It wasn’t until I moved away to Minneapolis, Minnesota where I really discovered a whole new respect, understanding and love for food and fitness. 


I moved to Minnesota from the East Coast two weeks after graduating college and found the change overwhelming and difficult to fit in.

As a generally confident person in who I am, I suddenly felt uncomfortable in my own skin. I missed feeling like myself and being home more than I anticipated. I had left my connections, my family, my friends and all that was familiar to me to be in a place that I felt was rejecting me in all sorts of ways and I started blaming what I saw as my failures on being in Minnesota. I was having a hard time finding my niche, a job in my field, and I was exposed to a drastically different diet than what I was used to, which ultimately took a toll on my physical and mental health. 

As a girl who grew up regularly eating kale - beer bratwursts and cheese curds were just not agreeing with my system. I would wither in pain for hours, break out into itchy, red hives, and my anxiety was at an all-time high. 

Feeling sick, defeated and at my lowest, I decided to go home for a while. I saw allergists, gastroenterologists and nutritionists to come up with a solution to my symptoms until I was finally diagnosed with a severe gluten sensitivity and was advised to cut it from my diet. I was also introduced to fitness classes (barre, HIIT, yoga, etc.) and discovered my passion for barre. When I was working out, feeling my body move, my muscles get stronger, and my flexibility increase, I was finally able to express my anxiety in a positive, healthy way. I began to feel more alive, like myself again, and eventually my positive mindset expanded into other aspects of my life: my career, my relationships, and my general outlook. 

I have learned to love myself from the inside out, from what goes into my body, to how I move it. Through working out and adjusting my diet, I gained a deeper understanding of how to listen to my body and better understand its needs.

Since then I have returned to the Northeast, and I am working on myself one gluten free, veggie-filled meal, one plié, one bead of sweat at a time. My love for health and fitness has lead me to become a certified barre instructor and Fitness Nutrition Specialist.

As we’re all on our own paths towards health and happiness (and that can mean many different things), my goal is to share information through my personal experience living an active, gluten free, plant based life. 

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All content and images have been created by me unless otherwise noted and are based on my own personal experience and research. 

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